Our auditor is your partner. We uphold stringent
standards in our organization and collaboration.

competent, fair, predictable

Our audits determine whether the requirements in question have been met, and they are conducted in a professional and pleasant atmosphere. We take particular care to ensure that our auditors are also a good personal fit for you and your business.

Our requirements regarding the team of auditors

  • Professional expertise and continuing professional education (ISO standards)
  • Latest knowledge and familiarity with the benchmarks of the industry sector
  • Impartial, diplomatic and discrete
  • Great willingness to consider alternative solutions
  • Well organized and quick thinking


Ms Martina Dudle, president of the executive board, manages the company and, together with the solid expert and auditor council, decides which standardization bodies the company should join. We represent the interests of various industry sectors and customers in terms of ISO standardization (ISO 9001), thus ensuring strategic advantages for your company over the long term.

When it comes to national standards, we are reliably and well represented both in the Swiss Association for Standardization (Schweizerischer Normenverband, SNV) or BSI Group (British Standards Institution) and in other international bodies.



The ATTESTA impartiality committee is always directly managed by Martina Dudle, President of the Board, and includes the following activities: 

Monitor the activities of the certification body and maintain an impartial position. The Board of the impartiality committee has to be obeyed as the committee is the supreme body and can take independent measures. The requirements of ISO 17021-1: 2015 regarding the confidentiality agreement between the customer and the certification body are given particular attention. If the customer does not agree with a decision of the Certification Council, he has the opportunity to challenge it within six weeks of notification. The complaint must be in writing and addressed to the impartiality committee. The client is informed that the impartiality committee received the complaint and was instructed to investigate and reassess the decision. 

Currently, the committee consists of five experts from the ISO pool of experts and auditors, which in some cases are assembled by the Chairman of the Board of Directors into a neutral and independent tripartite decision-making body.


The Expert- Auditor Council is composed of various professionals

  • Dr.  rer. nat. Dipl.-Chem. Jürgen Ebert, Wädenswil
        ICBT Institute for Chemistry and Biotechnology and ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science
        (Cologne University 1992)
  • Kay Baumgartner, Ottenbach
        Laboratory and testing methods, marketing & PR, youth work, drug prevention in sports
  • Corina Bürgi, Vogelsang
        Medical Practice Assistant, Swiss Certificate of Proficiency EFZ (Aarau Vocational College 2014)
  • Thomas Schinzel, Thalwil
        Insurance Expert, Business Economist FH (Zurich Polytechnik, Zurich University 1993)
  • Dr. sc. Peter Amsler, Zurich
        Solid State Physics – Image Generators – Aviation (Zurich University for Science and Technology,
        ETH Zurich 2009)
  • Barbara Jordi, Seengen
        Systemically solution-oriented Coach Master ZiS
        Specialist in corporate organization SGO
  • Sandro Heldner,  Wohlenschwil
        Architect, Higher Technical College HTL (1996)
  • Hans A. Feusi, Altendorf
        Electrical Engineer BSc (Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, FFHS Zurich 2015)
  • Katarzyna Włosok, Czestochowa, Poland
        ISO auditor
  • Michael Schwegler, Niederwil
        Industrial Engineer BSc (Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, FFHS Zurich 2015)
  • Franz Ziegler, Dipl. Kult.-ing., Birr
        Engineer Services for Infastructure Projects, Builder’s Consulant (Zurich University for Science
        and Technology 1993)
  • Mike Styger, Feusisberg
        Business studies, ISO auditor
  • Dipl. Ing. FH, MAS Energie-Ing/SIA , Johannes Berry, Grüsch
        Electrical Engineering, Building Services, Energy (HTA Horw, Lucerne 2007)
  • Jürg Baumgartner, Adliswil
        ISO-Expert, member of the Swiss Standards Association (SNV),
        Swiss representative on the ISO-9001 committee INB / NK
  • Kevin Flepp, Rapperswil
        Outdoor expert,  snow sports instructor, blast card cat. B,
        working on the hanging rope, Level 1
  • Lars Zimmermann, Oberlunkhofen
        Food technology and mechanical engineering expert
  • Gregoire Solioz, Bern
        UN troops, electronic warfare, international peacekeeping