Our partners adhere to exemplary business ethics.

ethical, experienced, focused


We serve a large number of customers from the industrial and services sectors, with a wide variety of technological and business-related challenges – in Switzerland and around the world. Many of our freelancers are involved in multidisciplinary projects and initiatives and, as part of their work, maintain close contacts with a multitude of fields of expertise.

We have extensive experience in international cooperation and are interested in entering into successful long-term business collaboration with potential partners regardless of location.

You must be committed to global quality standards as well as the ISO guidelines and must generally adhere to impeccable business ethics if you aspire to collaborate with us or join our staff. 

Please send your application to:


Partner Western Switzerland, speaks German and French, ISO Lead-Auditor & Sales
Partner in the Canton of Ticino, speaks German and Italian, ISO Lead-Auditor & Sales
Partner in the Canton of Valais, ISO Lead-Auditor & Sales


Partner in Luxembourg, ISO Lead-Auditor & Sales
Partner in Austria, ISO Lead-Auditor & Sales
Partner in Germany, ISO Lead-Auditor & Sales
Partner in France, ISO Lead-Auditor & Sales
Other countries upon request